We will do turnkey repairs at a fixed price for 49 days without advances and prepayments

You will only have to arrange furniture!

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Cafes, bars, restaurants

Shops, showrooms




Experienced workers

Repair will be done only by qualified workers with work experience of 5 years.


A legally competent contract protects the interests of the client.

Without an increase in the estimate

After the beginning of the work, the estimate will not grow under any circumstances!

Strict adherence to deadlines

We take upon ourselves the obligations and pay the penalty for the overdue days.

Everything is completely "in white"

We work only officially, so you can be 100% sure of the purity of the deal.

Quality control

The owner of the firm personally controls each stage of the work and is responsible to you

Cumbre Construction offers a unique solution that has no analogues on the construction market of Kazakhstan – interior finishing of apartments in new buildings by existing projects with a fixed cost per square meter.

  • Cumbre Construction can be a reliable partner for builders and developers since the company specializes in renovation of apartments on a turn-key basis and provides complex services with a guarantee of high quality and shortest deadlines of execution of orders of any scale.
  • Private customers who purchase housing in apartment buildings can win from ordering a complex of finishing works in Cumbre Construction because the company performs renovation of apartments at affordable prices and takes into account the individual wishes of customers.

Our specialists have developed interior finishing projects for standard apartment layouts in new buildings in Almaty and Astana. If you order a turnkey apartment renovation in Cumbre Construction, you will in no time get an apartment finished with quality materials and meeting the modern ideas about comfortable, functional design.


  • Outfit: from "basic" to "luxury";
  • Finishing class: from budgetary to elite;
  • Stylistic solutions: classics, art deco, modern, loft.

All projects are easily and quickly adaptable to specific apartments and layouts, taking into account the tastes, wishes and budget of the customer.

You prefer non-standard solutions? The company cooperates with leading designers and studios specializing in the development of elite projects for the interior decoration of private housing. The Cumbre Construction capacity allows to embody any ideas of customers and designers quickly and at reasonable prices.

The budget of the project depends on the area of the premises and the selected options for fitting, materials and design. Call us to calculate the cost of a complex turn-key renovation of your apartment and the time for completion of work on interior decoration of housing at:

Apartment renovation by the hands of creative professionals

An apartment is the most common type of housing in the city. Modern cities are rapidly expanding their borders. Many citizens are moving, buy more comfortable, bigger apartments. So the renovation of apartments is an acute issue. Regardless of whether this is a new, newly built or existing building, the owners want to organize their own special interior, comfort and life.

Initial preparatory stage

Qualitative repair works, finishing of the premises depend on the professionalism of the repair team, careful preparation, proper organization of the process.

The initial stage of renovation of premises includes the following main items:

  • Discussion of wishes, expectations and details with the customer;
  • Evaluation of the state of the living space, the presence of problem areas;
  • Checking the state of floors, bearing walls, utilities;
  • Definition of materials used in construction;
  • Determination of the scale and depth of repair works;
  • Drafting of the project, preliminary cost and time calculations;
  • Coordination of all details, issues, materials, and prices with the customer.

Professionals from specialized companies take into account all the above listed issues in order to organize everything necessary at a decent level for performing high-quality apartment renovation.

Best apartment renovation in Almaty

In Kazakhstan, many organizations specialize in the repair area, perform various types of renovation of apartments, buildings, premises. Cumbre Construction offers the whole complex of renovation works at affordable prices. Knowledge, experience, skills of foremen, use of modern technologies, tools, high-quality materials, observance of safety precautions deliver excellent results of the works performed.

A team of specialists implements turnkey renovation of apartments fulfilling a set of jobs: Selection of materials, their purchase, delivery, performance of repair, finishing works, removal of construction debris. Having entrusted the task to professionals, the customer will receive the expected results in the fastest time possible, without compromising the quality of the works performed. A creative team of designers, designers, craftsmen will help to implement non-standard ideas of the customer, radically changing or stylishly refreshing the interior of the living premises.