Finishing work

Finishing works - this is the final stage of construction, reconstruction or major repairs of buildings. Given the high demands on the quality of work in office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers or hotel complexes, the decoration of commercial real estate should be entrusted to the construction company Cumbre Construction.

  • Cumbre Construction specializes in performing finishing work on commercial and residential premises
  • The company's portfolio includes hundreds of objects with a total area of more than 100,000 m2 , successfully completed and delivered on time to customers
  • Among our clients are leading business representations in Kazakhstan: banks, mobile operators, major players in the oil and gas market, car dealerships, cinemas, retail and retail chains, catering establishments, etc.

Complex finishing of commercial real estate is the main direction in the work of the company. By choosing Cumbre Construction as the general contractor, the owners or tenants of buildings receive from one source the entire range of works and services required for interior finishing of the premises in accordance with business requirements.

Our specialists carry out all kinds of interior finishing works:

  • preparation of walls and ceilings for finishing;
  • filling of screeds and laying of floor coverings;
  • installation of suspended ceilings and acoustic panels
  • installing internal partitions
  • painting, plastering and wall finishing
  • installation of lighting and electrical appliances
  • soundproofing of premises, etc.

Wizards Cumbre Construction have extensive experience in assembly, painting, plastering, tiling and other finishing works. Therefore, we are ready to undertake projects of any complexity, including the implementation of original and non-standard design solutions that have no analogues, and to select for them the optimal materials and installation technologies that ensure an excellent appearance of the premises, high quality and long service life of the finish.

The company works on projects selected by clients, or attracts leading designers of Kazakhstan to design the interior decoration . The work uses high-quality building and finishing materials from Europe. All services and materials are guaranteed - 1 year from the date of transfer of the object to the customer.

The cost of finishing works depends on the area of ??the premises, the complexity of the project, the deadlines for delivery of the facility, the prices for materials and other factors chosen by the client and designer. To calculate the project budget and estimate the complex interior finish of commercial real estate or housing, call the Cumbre Construction.

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