Construction of houses

The company Cumbre Construction provides services for the construction of private housing, country houses and cottages in Astana, Almaty and other regions of Kazakhstan. We build houses in a short time and at favorable prices.

  • The company cooperates with European manufacturers of building materials and products for finishing buildings inside and out. Special prices from suppliers allow to significantly reduce the budget for the construction of a private house or a country cottage and save money for clients without compromising the quality and reliability of housing.
  • The order of conducting construction works is planned and thought through to trifles. Timely delivery of materials, equipment and equipment to the construction site avoids unplanned downtime, unforeseen expenses, failure of the deadlines and beyond the agreed budget.
  • Entering into a contract for building a house with Cumbre Construction is a 100% guarantee and absolute security of investment. All financial aspects of the construction, including the obligations of the contractor, are fixed in the contract. The work and materials used are warranted.
  • Building a house "turnkey" is the simplest and most reliable way to get your own home. All that is required from customers Cumbre Construction - is to select a project, agree on an estimate, sign a contract and prepare for an early move to a new house.

    As a general contractor, the company takes care of everything related to building of houses and cottages. The complex of works performed by our specialists includes:

      • development and approval of project documentation
      • preparation of the construction site
      • foundation pouring or laying foundation blocks
      • erection of bearing walls and internal partitions
      • construction of the roofing system and roofing
      • installation of soundproof materials and heaters;
      • connection of electricity, heating, running water and other utilities
      • facade decoration and interior decoration
      • installation of plumbing, wiring, lighting and wiring accessories
      • landscape design and removal of construction debris

    The company Cumbre Construction builds frame, wooden, brick, stone and reinforced concrete houses and cottages. We use modern energy-efficient materials and solutions that can significantly reduce the cost of subsequent operation of real estate.

    The construction of "turnkey" houses is carried out according to the project chosen by the customer. It is possible to adapt typical projects to the specific features of a particular land plot or develop original architectural solutions involving leading designers of Kazakhstan. The availability of the necessary resources, equipment and high qualification of the personnel allow the company to embody any ideas of architects and designers in wood, stone, concrete, glass and metal.

    For more information about the company's services, consultations of architects and designers, and a preliminary calculation of the cost of building a house, you can get in the offices of Cumbre Construction .

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