Principles of green building

Recognizing human responsibility for the state of the environment, Cumbre Construction promotes and strictly follows the basic principles of green building, which are based on:

  • the minimum possible impact on the environment and existing ecosystems
  • use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies
  • improving energy efficiency and service life of buildings

The company operates in accordance with international standards in green construction, adapted to local climatic and environmental conditions, and national legislation regulating the interaction of the construction industry with ecology. Therefore, the basis of our work on the design, construction, repair and decoration of buildings are concepts of environmental care, economy, practicality, rationality and comfort.

  • The design of buildings and structures takes into account the need to reduce the consumption of energy and material resources both during construction and during the subsequent operation of real estate. Therefore, we widely use resource-saving technologies and energy-efficient systems that save electricity, heat and water.
  • In order to reduce the detrimental impact on the environment, we use only materials that are harmless to the environment and human health, which do not contain toxic components and carcinogenic substances that cause the development of diseases. Therefore, the Cumbre Construction projects use construction and finishing materials from European brands: Armstrong, Ecophon, Lindner, Desso, Iguzzini, Viega, Vitra, Hansgroche, Fiandre, Laminam and others. Our partners and suppliers are leading manufacturers from Europe, paying great attention to the environment and Safety of your products.

Following the philosophy of green building helps Cumbre Construction to occupy leading positions in the construction market in Kazakhstan and guarantee the environmental friendliness, safety, durability and energy efficiency of buildings built or renovated by our specialists.

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